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Catalina Island Airport 147.090 (+) [No PL]
Catalina Island Airport 224.420 (-) [PL = 110.9]
Avalon 446.140 (-) [PL = 110.9] (Only accessible within Avalon) Linked to the 147.090 repeater on Catalina Island
Costa Mesa 224.32 (-) [PL = 151.4]

Packet Radio - On 145.050
KA Node - CARA


Monday Night
Membership Net at 7:00 p.m. on 147.090 (+) No PL (Visitors are always welcome.)

Tuesday Net
An informal net rolls at 7:00 p.m. on 224.420 (-) PL of 110.9 (All are welcome.)

1st and 3rd Thursday
Trivia net at 7:00 p.m. on 147.090 (All are welcome.)

Wilson High Schoolís AREC Team (K6WHS)

In 2006, Wilson High School started its Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (AREC) team.  Since then, 32 students have acquired their ham radio license.  Five went on to upgrade to a General Class Licenses.  The purpose of the club was to train students how to properly respond to an emergency scenario in support of the faculty emergency response plan.

Students learned how to properly operate both UHF/VHF radios but also HF bands from their radio room located on campus.  Eventually, students began to work Field Day and volunteer for community events such as working radio for the Long Beach Marathon and the Long Beach Airport Disaster Drill.  Students learned how to solder and work on circuit boards; they practiced guying 30 foot masts in the field, and trained with their mobile radio station all over the campus.  AREC team members participated in four LBUSD Science Fairs at Cabrillo High School where they introduced amateur radio to students all over the district.  Licensed radio operators also began working W6RO on board the Queen Mary to gain further experience with amateur radio.  The club always reached out to the community to sharpen their skills and gain experience as an emergency response team.

Over time, the Wilson Radio team was able to purchase enough equipment to work radio from the field independently.  The team received grants, donations, and scholarships from ARRL, ARALB, Metlife, LBUSD, and community members.  In all, Wilson Radio Club students received over $43,000 in college scholarships.  In addition, the team advisor, Devon Day, KF6KEE, was given two extensive weeks of training through ARRLís teacher institutes.  K6WHS is now an ARRL Affiliated Club.

McBride High School Team (K6MHS)

In 2013, McBride High School opened its doors.  The McBride AREC club was the first chartered club for the school.  John Jacobson, KK6JBA agreed to work side by side with Devon Day (KF6KEE) to launch the radio club.  Soon, Richard Sherwood (N6RU), past president of ARALB, joined the adult support team offering practical and technical advice and a lot of encouragement.  Since 2013, McBride High School has watched its club swell to ten licensed student operators (including one Extra and two Generals).  Because McBride High School is a magnet school focusing on Engineering, Medicine, and Forensic sciences, the focus of the club has broadened.  In addition to a priority in developing an efficient emergency response amateur radio team, the students have been challenged with other science related projects including antenna design and the design and building of a mobile radio station.  McBride has participated in two Field Days and one Rookie Roundup where the AREC club, K6MHS, took first in California in contacts and third in the nation.  McBride is currently planning its first Winter Field Day on campus in January 2015.  ARALB club members will be working side by side with the students during this first 24 hour contest on campus.  The AREC team has received grants and donations from ARRL, ARALB, and members of the radio community.  McBride has its own radio room with two radio stations and a permanently installed Comet 250 B HF antenna. McBride (K6MHS), was recently declared an ARRL Affiliated Club.


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