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Ham Radio Education


The ARALB ham University is the education arm of the Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach. We were formed in 2008, when it was realized that there was a need to provide a more comprehensive amateur radio license license program.


Over the years we have evolved from teaching just Technician License classes to a program that teaches license classes for all three levels of amateur radio in the United States. We have also expanded our scope by promoting other ham-related classes. For these, we invite other hams with expertise to teach them. Some of those classes/seminars have been: National Traffic System (NTS), CW (Morse code), Antenna Basics, Introduction to Emergency Communications, Introduction to Field Day, Echolink, and some others that I do not recall at this writing. We are always looking for new ham-related classes to promote.


Our license classes are held on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to about noon over 8 consecutive Saturdays, with a special VE exam session for our students on the 8th week.


We have helped hundreds of people to earn or upgrade a license and nearly 200 more to learn other ham-related subjects. And our pass rate for license classes is about 90%. We even had a 100% pass rate for an Amateur Extra License class with 13 students.


The ARALB Ham University has had the benefit of some exceptional instructors. Our instructor staff is the key to our success. Not only are they intelligent and knowledgeable, but they are dedicated to help our students to prepare for their license exams.


Our Technician License classes start each September and complete about the end of October. January and February are reserved for our General and Amateur Extra License classes. These two alternate – one on the even year and the other on the odd year.


This year (2017), our Technician License class will be:



September 9 through October 28 at
College Medical Center
2776 Pacific Ave., Long Beach, CA 90806


Download the Tech License Class Flyer and .doc or .pdf Registration Forms.


Let us help you to earn your ham radio license or to upgrade your current license. Our students are from all over the area, from the San Fernando Valley to southern Orange County and from Santa Monica to Riverside.



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