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Monthly Testing


The Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach provides amateur radio testing for $5.00 on the third Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM.  The test location is at the The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.  3824 Woodruff Avenue, Long Beach, California.  (behind the Dental Building) 


Pre-registration is recommended through Louise Chapman, N6ELK, at 562-429-1355 or n6elk@aol.com.  When you pre-register your GLAARG Form 605X will be ready to sign when you come in to test.
Walk-in applicants are accepted to the session capacity. 


On test day bring a picture ID.  If you are taking the Technician test you will also need your Social Security Number.  If you are  up grading to General or Amateur Extra you must bring a signed copy of your  current license, and a copy of each Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination element (CSCE) you wish to present for credit.  A copy of your license and any CSCE is turned in with your Form 605X and your test answer sheet.


Test Dates

1/17/2015  2/21/2015  3/21/2015  4/18/2015

5/16/2015  6/20/2015  7/18/2015  8/15/2015

9/19/2015  10/17/2015  11/21/2015  12/19/2015


Field Day Testing

The annual field day test by the Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach is an ARRL- VEC special test.  It is scheduled to be outdoors on Saturday at 1:30 PM at the ARALB club field day.  ARRL has set the cost of the test at $15.00.  Check this sight for date and location.  Walk-ins are welcome.


Test date: June 27, 2015.  Test sight: Recreation Park


If any special accommodations are needed, you must register in advance to insure your needs can be met and the necessary staff is available to assist


Special group testing sessions

Group testing sessions at other times and locations may be arranged in advance through the ARALB VE-in-charge.  The session VEC is typically ARRL-VEC with the testing fee at $15.00 for a single setting.


ARALB VE in charge

Steve Snider KJ6FWQ cell 562-290-2314 email kj6fwq@arrl.net