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If you would like to support Wilson Amateur Radio Emergency Communications
 (AREC) team in any way, please contact Devon Day at Wilson by
e-mail at

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Mobile Radio Station: 2007  

A) Special Thanks  
  (B) AREC WorkParty 
                              (C) Field Day   
2007 June 23th & 24th

                              (D) Field Day    2009 June 27th & 28th
                             (E) Field Day    2010
une 26th & 27th
                             (F) Field Day     2011 June 24th & 25th

(G) 2010 ~ 2011 

( H ) 2011 ~ 2012

( I ) 2012 ~ 2013

Breakfast with Santa Claus  2006 
Technical Resources page 
A Mini Primer on SWR Measurements 
Ham Test On Line  
Past History 
General Class Amateur Radio Exam on October 25th   2009
Learn By Doing      Dec 2009



Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach   W6RO  

Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach   Queen Mary  


The San Bernardino Microwave Society has made arrangements with the Owens Valley
Radio Observatory to use their 40 meter dish for Amateur Radio EME. This unique arrangement has
allowed members of SBMS to construct and install transverters for 1296 and 10,368 MHz on the dish.


Devon's Garage Sale  2010

HF Radio Station is Born  2010 

The New HF Station   2010

Introducing KJ6GHS         2010 


WB6VUB Amateur Radio Web Page

N6PEQ Home Page  


During our fund raising campaign, we approached the Wilson PTA about helping with funds for the club. 
 One PTA member requested an interview.  Her posting was terrific.  She admitted she did not even understand
what the kids were talking about.  I was so proud.  Before she left she made her first contact with
 Granite Bay Montessori School during our weekly net on 40 meters at 7.243. 


I work with teens every day.  You can not make them fake enthusiasm.  This was the real deal.

 I am thinking you will smile too.



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