Some of our Tech licensees are "hitting the wall" when it come to passing the CW exam.  Here is a cost free way to make CW your own.
My method has no tapes, no books, but it does require a partner, who doesn't have to be a ham, but has to be willing to participate in your CW
experience.  ( my own Dad filled this role when I was a teen, aspiring ham.)   The method is this - all spoken code - we learn the alphabet by pattern,
spoken - by logical groups - we learn a group at a time, by spoken repetition, then by verbal drill - teacher/helper challenge with the letter name,
student respond with the dahdit version.
   Next in verbal drill, teacher give a word, student spell it in dahdit. Keep the rhythm and repetition snappyYou do NOT write anything down,
you don't use verbal or visual crutches.  The challenge and response, the verbal repetition is how we teach our infants how to speak - we use
the same pattern to efficiently add Morse code to our language abilities !
Do a group at a time, moving on the next more complex group when you have the first one ' nailed '. If you want to learn the code, clear your,
spend an hour with a code proficient ham drilling you this way, and you'll be ready to start spelling street signs as you drive by, or actually
reading the call sign, location abbreviation, and even PL tone code of the repeater's CW ID.
( Not all repeaters tell their PL code in CW, but one in this area does! )

E                           dit  

  I                      ditdit  

S               ditditdit

H               ditditditdit

T                         dah

M                  dahdah

O          dahdahdah

0  dahdahdahdahdah

A                      didah W               didahdah J        didahdahdah 1      didahdahdahdah
N                    dahdit D                 dahdidit B       dahdiddiddit 6            dahdidididit
C             dahdidahdit Y          dahdidahdah K             dahdidah R                  didahdit
L              didahdidit G              dahdahdit Z         dahdahdidit 7         dahdahdididit
U                   dididah F              dididahdit 2  diddidahdahdah V                didididah
3        didididdahdah 4       diddiddiddidah 5      ditditditditdit X            dahdiddidah
Q          dahdahdidah P           didahdahdit ?  dididahdahdidit 8        dahdahdahdidit
9  dahdahdahdahdit ,  dahdahdididahdah /      dahdididahdit  
 SK     didididahdidah    This is my final transmission
 AR       didahdidahdit      End of transmission
 BT       dahdidididah       Double dash or pause

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